Exciting Hoburne Devon Bay Refurbishments 2023/24

We are delighted to announce that we have an exciting refurbishment of the park’s main venue taking place over the winter, meaning that the main venue will officially close from Monday 27th November.

We will be upgrading key elements of the venue to ensure they meet the highest standards of comfort and functionality, while carrying out a comprehensive interior and exterior makeover, incorporating contemporary design elements that complement the park’s coastal surrounding.

As this is an extensive refurbishment, the proposed work is scheduled to be finished in time for Easter 2024. This means that during this period, our entertainment offering will be limited and although we will continue to offer light entertainment in our restaurant, we will not be able to offer Christmas and New Year’s Eve entertainment.

While the main venue is undergoing improvements, measures will be in place to minimise the impact on your holiday experience and despite not being able to offer our festive entertainment programme, there will still be plenty of Christmas activities and fantastic days out to experience in the local area, whilst always knowing that your comfortable and cosy accommodation is awaiting your return.

Alongside the refurbishment of our main venue, we will also be closing the indoor pool from Wednesday 27th December to carry out essential maintenance, with the aim to have the pool reopen for Friday 2nd February.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to make your future stays even more enjoyable.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding as we strive to enhance our facilities for your future holidays.

Frequently asked questions

Will the park stay open during the refurbishment?
Yes, we will still be delivering the same warm welcome and wonderful experience that you would expect.

Will there be any entertainment offering? 
We will offer limited entertainment from our restaurant, but there will be no Christmas entertainment or activities and no function for New Year’s Eve.

Can we still access the restaurant through the venue? 
No, the venue will not be accessible to members of the public while the refurbishment is taking place. To gain access to our restaurant, you will need to come through the café entrance.

Where can I order food and drink?
Guests can continue to order food and drink from our restaurant and café, which will remain open.

Will the soft play and upstairs arcade be affected?
No, the soft play and upstairs arcade will remain open.

Will there be disabled access to the restaurant, arcade, and soft play?
Unfortunately, while the refurbishment is taking place, we cannot offer disabled access to the restaurant, upstairs arcade, and soft play.

Will the refurbishment of the venue take place during February half term? 
Yes, we will continue with the refurbishment of the venue throughout February half term.

Will the fitness suite remain open during the indoor pool closure?
Yes, the collection of the key and to complete the declaration forms for new users will be available during this period from the main reception desk.

When will the work be complete? 
The venue will be ready to open for Easter 2024. 

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