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Top 7 places to visit in the Cotswolds this Spring 2019

The Cotswolds are a picturesque delight and even more so during spring when the flowers are blossoming, and the days are becoming longer. Although there's lots to do at our Hoburne Cotswolds Park, we've put together a list of our top 7 places to visit in the Cotswolds this spring.

1. Arlington Row

Located in the village of Bibury, Arlington Row is one of England’s most iconic places and a definite must-see. A delightful row of weaver’s cottages originally built for a monastic wool store are known as the most beautiful village in England and a hot spot for Cotswolds visitors.

2. Cotswolds Farm Park

Experience the delight of feeding the newborn farm animals at Cotswolds Farm Park with the live lambing event through 16th February to 28th April. Get hands-on with the chicks and rabbits or take a ride around in a tractor to truly experience the country lifestyle.

3. Broadway Tower

An iconic landmark with a picturesque landscape overlooking the Cotswolds, Broadway Tower is one for all to see. If the Cotswolds attracts you because of the history or for the scenic walks, then Broadway Tower is one to tick off your bucket list. Before you venture further along your hike, make sure you spend some time greeting the herd of red deer before they stroll by.

4. Kelmscott Manor

Just a 30-minute drive from our Park in the Cotswolds, Kelmscott Manor was the retreat of William Morris and his friends and family. Experience the craftsmanship and the significant designs and writings of Morris’s collection, then take a stroll through the gardens which inspired his famous designs.

5. Highgrove Gardens

Meandering around Highgrove Gardens is that extra bit special with the blossoming daffodils and beautiful sounds of the birds chirping. The private gardens of their royal highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are open during April, the perfect time to visit on your spring staycation.

6. Blockley

What you’ve always envisioned the Cotswolds to be is exactly what the village of Blockley is, a quintessential village filled with whimsical lanes and golden brick cottages. Wandering through the unique collection of buildings you’ll be surrounded with blossoming buds and beautiful countryside.

7. Berkeley Castle

When the days get a bit breezy and the kids still want to be exploring the Cotswolds, what’s better than travelling through time at Berkley Castle? Explore the drawing rooms and the dungeons where King Edward II is thought to have been murdered.

We hope you’re inspired for your next staycation to the Cotswolds in spring. All these scenic places are just under an hour drive from our park, so why not take a browse of the wide range of accommodation available at Hoburne Cotswold and plan your dream spring holiday today.

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