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Planning for Your Perfect Summer Break

It’s that time of the year again. Blue skies are making an appearance, there’s the distant smell of sun cream in the air and the school summer holidays are just around the corner.

You’ve booked your summer break and as excited as you are, the dreaded thought of packing has crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Maybe you’ve even been on a spending spree for that summer wardrobe… But getting that lovely new wardrobe into a suitcase is a different story altogether!

Fear not, we’re here to help. So, dust off your suitcase, put on some tunes, and prepare to plan like you’ve never planned before.

Let’s start with the basics. Do you currently have plans for your break? If so, pack for these first. For example, you may wish to spend a day at the beach or a local theme park. If you can, jot down a rough itinerary. Planning can help you save money by eliminating the need to purchase items you already have at home. Our family favourite things to remember are a cool box, icepacks and of course a football! They’re all the basics for a perfect picnic, and things that you can reuse whilst out and about during your holiday. 

Swimming 3 415x311Next, refresh your memory on your accommodation. What’s included? It’s always a good idea to bring spare towels for those days by the pool, even if your accommodation already has them in. You may have a washing machine in your unit, or plan to use the launderette during your stay. Consider bringing a small supply of washing detergent if so. All Hoburne accommodation includes a welcome pack with basic items such as tea, coffee and washing up liquid but you may wish to bring extra. After all, everyone has their favourites!

Are you planning to eat out or self-cater? We recommend that you bring tea towels for your stay, however all your other kitchen basics should be provided. Look online at the area surrounding your accommodation. Where is the nearest supermarket? Deciding how often you plan to cook and how near to a shop the park is can assist you in bringing as little or as much as you need. Don’t forget to check out the facilities available on park as many have their own café, restaurant and convenience store all right on your doorstep!

Finally, the dreaded clothing! Top of the list – swimsuits. Whether you’re planning on being a beach bum, a swimming sensation, or to be hanging out in the hot tub 24/7, it’s essential. As are accessories such as goggles, arm bands, floats and flip flops. Think back to your itinerary. Do any of your plans require special clothing? Maybe you plan for a day on the golf course, or an early morning session in the gym. Read up on the facilities at your chosen park before you visit to ensure you’re ready and raring to go when you get there. Also, a top tip – roll your clothes, don’t fold!

Now, are you feeling better prepared? You should be. We’re just hoping that you bring the sun… (And sun cream, and sunglasses and maybe some wellies) it is the great British summer after all!

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