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Our responsibility to the wider community

At Hoburne we feel extremely fortunate that our holiday parks are all located in areas surrounded by such natural beauty.

As a local, family-run business we feel it is part of our responsibility to do our best to look after these areas and ensure that those visiting our holiday parks do the same. 

Find out how you can do your bit below.

How to do your bit while you're out and about

We are firm believers that wherever you visit, all you should leave behind is your footprints. Here are our top tips for doing just that! 

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Pass wide by the wildlife

The areas that our holiday parks are located in can be home to a lot of wildlife, particularly in the New Forest and Quantocks where ponies and cattle roam free. However cute they may look, please be aware that petting the ponies or donkeys is a finable offence and under no circumstances should you feed them.

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Be respectful of the locals

While you might be off enjoying your holidays, the chances are that a lot of the locals will be going about their daily business. Keeping noise to a minimum, not creating congestion on the roads or pavements and just being aware of others will mean everyone can go about their day in harmony!

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Follow rules regarding dogs

Some beaches or areas of the forest may state that dogs should be kept on a lead. This is often for their safety and to stop danger from potential hazards such as livestock or cyclists. Likewise, these areas are no different from anywhere else so doggy doo-doos should be picked up and disposed of appropriately!

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Drive carefully

It goes without saying really, but we know that when you're in an unknown area it can be easy to get distracted by your new surroundings, or the satnav for that matter! Again, it is likely that wild animals may be on the roads in areas nearby our holiday parks and children or dogs may be difficult to spot in busy car parks near local attractions, so please take extra care.

Litter Bin Beach 418x281

Take any litter away with you

We'd like to think that you wouldn't litter anyway, but it's always worth a gentle reminder especially when you might have a picnic planned during your break. Top tip: take a rubbish bag! Occasionally on a busy day, bins at local beauty spots may fill up fast, so it's always worth having a backup! BBQs and fires are also banned in the forest.

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Got a question before you visit? Find information from the local authorities below.

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