Hoburne Helping the Environment

All of our holiday parks and golf courses have been perfectly positioned so that you can enjoy some of the most unspoilt locations in the South and South West of the UK.

From clifftop views to deep within the forest, our parks put you at the heart of nature. Each location is lovingly cared for by our site teams in order to preserve its natural beauty for generations to come. 

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through the reduction of contributors to global warming and waste.

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Green teams

Our park teams will be policing energy consumption and taking action where necessary to ensure that nothing is wasted.

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LED lightbulbs

We will where possible replace every lightbulb with an LED alternative.

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Saving trees

We aim to reduce the amount of paper we use by 500,000 pieces by only giving a receipt when asked.

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Saving water

Water savers will be installed in all toilet cisterns and fire hoses will be replaced with fire extinguisher boxes.

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Free-range produce

Only 100% free-range meat and other produce will be used in our cafés and restaurants.

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Banning plastic

We have banned plastic straws, polystyrene takeaway containers and plastic bags across all of our parks and will promote the use of reusable drink vessels.

Recycling 418x280


We aim to increase the amount that we recycle by 30% in the next 2 years. Part of this will be through the introduction of more recycling bins around our parks and facilities.

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Eco events

Events for waste awareness will be organised for all Hoburne site staff to help them become more environmentally conscious.

Disabled Facilities 418x280

Improving facilities

We are currently improving our facilities for disabled holidaymakers to ensure that every visitor to our parks has the best experience possible.

The Woodland Centre at Hoburne Bashley

Open to everyone from holidaymakers to local schools and organisations, the Woodland Centre at Hoburne Bashley offers a range of guided walks, workshops, classes and talks which educate visitors on the preservation and history of the forest.

As part of the ancient New Forest, the woodland is being managed by experts using methods such as coppicing which are centuries-old and highly sustainable. 

Visitors can try their hand at coppicing, bushcraft and woodcarving whilst guided by professionals who have the woodland and its conservation as their core priority. 

Find out more about our woodland management team here



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