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We have created a variety of entertainment options to ensure everyone has something to enjoy during their holiday. You’ll find every evening at Hoburne is different; in between bingo, game shows, and in-house productions, you’ll be able to enjoy visiting acts, party bands and one off special events such as theme nights, race nights and live music and comedy sets. When you arrive make sure to check Reception for all the details of what's on during your stay.

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Game 4 a Laugh

From retro games shows to classic family favourites take part and become the star of the night.  As we bring you your TV favourites such as Mr & Mrs, open the box, play your cards right.

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The physical workout for your brain

late night disco hoburne entertainment

Hoburne Hub

Join us on the dance floor as our Hoburne Hosts play the hits from the decades and the current chart toppers.

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Hoburne Spotlight

Join your Hoburne Hosts as they take to the stage showing their talents and skills for your enjoyment.

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Visiting Cabaret

Welcome to the stage the potential stars of the future and even some faces from the past. 

Visiting Cabaret Acts:

Please check back soon to find out more about our visiting Cabaret Acts for February 2019.


House Party Hoburne

House Party

Will you be the ‘House Party Dancer of the week?’ Is your family the happiest table in the room? Grab your dancing shoes, tap along to the beat or join in from your seat, as the whole family can join in our House Party Dances.

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