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Our Entertainment

We have followed the government guidance and have reopened our venues for limited live indoor performances. Evening activities will be different from before, and we are embracing the new normal, but audience participation is still not permitted under the current guidelines so we have created a range of family and children’s activities which you can take part in, all within social distancing guidelines. Rest assured that Sammy Seahorse, Larry Lobster, Tommy Turtle, Coral, and Captain Smuggles will be out and about to see you all and our Hoburne Hosts can’t wait to welcome you!

We will have a range of family and children’s activities which you can take part in, all within social distancing guidelines. Some activities, including evening activities will require you to pre-book your space to ensure you and your family can take part as safely as possible. Please follow social distancing guidelines and remain at a safe distance to keep yourselves, Sammy and the squad safe.

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Calling all members of the Sammy Squad, it’s your turn to get messy and create the next work of art to hang in the national gallery. Crafternoons will be held outside (weather dependant) and art stations will be set up to give everyone their own space. Please pre-book your time slot by emailing your entertainment manager and they will give you all the information you need to take part in this art attack. (Due to high demand we will be running repeated sessions throughout the day, so please book early and we shall reply with a time and full instructions on how to take part, and keep you all safe in your household bubble.)
* Children must be accompanied by only 1 adult.

Hoburne Hunts

Can you find all the items? Can you follow the clues? Are your family the master of treasure hunts? Hoburne Hunts will take place throughout the day and all you need to do is register to take part by sending an email to your entertainment manager and they will give you a start time and all the clues and information you need to take part.

Look high and low, go around the park as fast as you can and once you have collected all the answers just email them to your entertainment manager and see if you are today's winner.

Adventure Golf Challenge

Join your Hoburne Hosts as they run our crazy adventure golf challenges, from a Hole in One winner, to Top Team of the day. Will you get a birdie, or will you end up in the bunker!

To ensure your family safety, games will be played with social distancing guidelines in place and we politely ask you to pre-register if you wish to take part.

Just email your entertainment manager and they will send you your tee-off time and all the instructions on how to play. 
See you at the 19 hole after!

Ocean Waves, Spot the Squad Member

Sammy and the squad can’t wait to see you all, but they know that you all have social distancing to follow, so they have decided to come and see you, keeping within all the rules. Click here to find out what time and in which area of the park a member of the Squad will be walking past your holiday home or viewing area, and get ready to stand on your decking, doorstep or roadside and give the members of the squad the biggest ocean wave ever!

Cash Frenzy – Wave & Claim Bingo

Finally, its back! Cash Frenzy will be taking place during your stay and under the current government guidelines. So grab your pens and dabbers and get ready to try and win some cash prizes.

The rules of play are staying the same but your Hoburne hosts will be asking you to Wave & Claim if you are a winner, as we cannot let you shout to stop the caller. Player numbers will be limited, please email your entertainment manager for details on how to join in the fun and how to purchase your tickets safely.

Over 18's only.

Squad O’clock

Designed with families and little ones in mind to ensure maximum entertainment for all, during these unprecedented times.

Our evening family sessions start with Squad O’ Clock for all those Sammy Squad fans, challenges, and visits from the gang and finish with a 45 min show from our live headliner visiting act or Hoburne Host spotlight. 

Spaces are limited so please book to avoid disappointment and bring a pen and paper each evening or when you are in the venue log into our jigsaw interactive app and send us your answers to challenges and your favourite photos.

Box Office Bonanza

Designed for adults to ensure maximum fun for all, whilst keeping social distancing.

Our evening Adult sessions feature Cash Frenzy bingo*, Quizzical, Challenges plus much more and finish with a 45 min show from our live headliner visiting act or Hoburne Host spotlight.

Spaces are limited so please book to avoid disappointment, and bring a pen and paper each evening or when you are in the venue log into our jigsaw interactive app and send us your answers to challenges and your favourite photos.

*Hoburne Cotswold Cash Frenzy bingo will be taken place in the afternoon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Hoburne Live

Live performance is back at Hoburne and we are pleased to welcome back our fabulous favourites visiting artistes and our very own Hoburne Hosts spotlights. Performances will be a bit more restrained for the moment to ensure your safety, but we look forward to seeing you enjoy some classic tunes and background beats. 

*Please be aware that the Hoburne Live that features during Squad O’clock & Box Office Bonanza will be a repeat performance.

Wake Up, Shake Up with one of the Sammy Squad

Rise and shine wake up all sleepy heads and get ready to give an Ocean Wave as we welcome the start of the day, give a big wave to one of the squad near the main entrance.

Meet the Sammy Squad*

Enjoy some amazing adventures with the Sammy Squad appearing on our parks from 14th February – 8th November 2020.

*Timings subject to change dependant on the park and time of year. Please check with our booking team or reception for more details.

Excludes Hoburne Blue Anchor, Doublebois and St Mabyn where there is no entertainment. 

Smuggles 418x281

Captain Smuggles

A rotten pirate who has been sailing the seven seas trying to get his hands on the Hoburne treasure chest for years. He is a schemer and quite creative when coming up with his plans to get his hands on the chest which, he often discusses with his one-legged pigeon 'Peg'. Get ready to boo and hiss when you see him.

Larry 418x280

Larry Lobster

Sammy's best friend and joker of the pack. He likes rhythm and calypso and loves sport - especially Squiditch - which is a shame because he's not very good at it!... In fact Larry is not great at a lot of things on account of him being very clumsy but no one can doubt his dedication to the task at hand, his physical strength and his loyalty to his friends...albeit he does grumble a bit!

Sammy 418x280

Sammy Seahorse

The bright, clever and funny leader of the squad. He loves to dance and have lots of fun.
Sammy has to take extra care to look after the Hoburne treasure chest now that Coral and Captain Smuggles want to get their hands on it!

Coral 418x280

Coral Mermaid

Coral lives in Coral Reef, not far from Coral Cove. She believes that the treasure chest contains magic to give her legs! Captain Smuggles adores Coral and she likes to tease him in order to get her own way. Her dream is to dance on stage at Hoburne. Coral is the prettiest mermaid in the ocean.

Tommy 418x280

Tommy Turtle

A gentle soul who is often taken in by Captain Smuggles. He loves stories of adventure and magic and takes everything literally and at face value. A very innocent turtle who is a little forgetful and easy to fool.

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