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Celebrate with the Sammy Squad at our Coral Cove Weekend

New for 2020, enjoy a weekend dedicated to your favourite Hoburne characters - the Sammy Squad!

Receive a special welcome from one of the squad and start your weekend of unforgettable family fun with Sammy, Tommy, Larry, Coral and Captain Smuggles the naughty pirate!

Includes a jam-packed schedule where the little ones can spend time with the characters listening to story-telling, getting creative with craft activities, learning party dances and taking part in Tommy Tots vs Sammy Squad competitions. 

Plus, there'll be loads of evening games and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite park and get practising that Sammy wiggle! 

Meet the Sammy Squad

Smuggles 418x281

Captain Smuggles

A rotten pirate who has been sailing the seven seas trying to get his hands on the Hoburne treasure chest for years. He is a schemer and quite creative when coming up with his plans to get his hands on the chest which, he often discusses with his one-legged pigeon 'Peg'. Get ready to boo and hiss when you see him.

Larry 418x280

Larry Lobster

Sammy's best friend and joker of the pack. He likes rhythm and calypso and loves sport - especially Squiditch - which is a shame because he's not very good at it!... In fact Larry is not great at a lot of things on account of him being very clumsy but no one can doubt his dedication to the task at hand, his physical strength and his loyalty to his friends...albeit he does grumble a bit!

Sammy 418x280

Sammy Seahorse

The bright, clever and funny leader of the squad. He loves to dance and have lots of fun.

Sammy has to take extra care to look after the Hoburne treasure chest now that Coral and Captain Smuggles want to get their hands on it!

Coral 418x280

Coral Mermaid

Coral lives in Coral Reef, not far from Coral Cove. She believes that the treasure chest contains magic to give her legs! Captain Smuggles adores Coral and she likes to tease him in order to get her own way. Her dream is to dance on stage at Hoburne. Coral is the prettiest mermaid in the ocean.

Tommy 418x280

Tommy Turtle

A gentle soul who is often taken in by Captain Smuggles. He loves stories of adventure and magic and takes everything literally and at face value. A very innocent turtle who is a little forgetful and easy to fool.

Coral Cove Weekend dates 2020

Cotswold 418x280

Hoburne Cotswold

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th September

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